10 Top Questions to Ask a Web Designer Before Hiring Them

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38% of users will stop using a website if it’s unattractive. Another 39% will leave if the site takes too long to load.

Don’t risk losing website visitors! Every visitor you attract is a potential sale. Instead of scaring them off, you want a website that will help you convert those visitors into quality leads.

To get started, you’ll need to find the right web design company for the job, first.

Here are 10 questions to ask a web designer during your search. By asking these questions, you can make sure you find a talented designer for the job. They’ll help you impress your website visitors, engage them, and encourage visitors to become viable leads.

Ready to start searching? Find the best web design company by asking these 10 questions today!

1. Do You Have Experience with My Industry?

First, you want to make sure you find a web design company that knows what they’re doing. Ask about their knowledge and firsthand experience.

Do they have the resources and techniques necessary to create a sleek, modernized website? Are they up-to-date with the latest design trends?

Ask about the trends they’ve noticed lately. What strategies do they prioritize with web design? For example, they might have a lot of experience with lead generation or improving the user experience.

As you use these questions to ask a web designer, make sure to ask how long they’ve worked in design. If they’ve worked in web design for over 10 years, make sure they’re modernizing their approach. Otherwise, an out-of-date website could make you look out-of-date, too.

Next, make sure they have experience creating websites for your industry.

Their hands-on experience in your industry will give you an advantage. They’ll know which strategies work and which don’t, which will save you time.

2. What’s Your Process?

Ask the web designer about their creative process. What’s their strategy as they create a new website?

If they have a difficult time explaining, you might want to keep searching.

You want to find a web design company that knows what it’s doing. Otherwise, you could end up falling behind the curve.

3. Can I Speak to Your Past Clients?

The best web design company will have plenty of happy clients to show for it. Ask if you can speak with their clients, who can give you a firsthand account of their own experience.

Speaking with previous clients and reading online reviews will give you a better understanding of the company’s reputation.

4. When Are You Available?

If the company is available to start right away, keep looking. The top web design company in your area is likely very busy.

Yes, you do want someone who can start right away. However, any company worth working with will probably schedule you two or more weeks out.

Make sure to start looking for a web design company as soon as possible!

5. What Services Do You Offer?

Make sure you understand which services the web design company offers. Search for a company that provides a range of services in-house. If they outsource, how long have they worked with that individual?

A company that does everything in-house is less likely to experience communication problems and delays.

Make sure the services the company offers align with your goals. For example, are they able to design a mobile-optimized, responsive website? 60% of users will distrust a company if the website isn’t mobile-friendly.

In addition to losing potential customers, that could also cause your brand’s reputation to take a hit.

What about search engine optimization (SEO) services? SEO is an essential marketing strategy that will help your website appear at the top of search pages like Google. In addition to attracting more traffic to your website, SEO can also help build brand awareness and credibility.

Finding the right balance of services will strengthen your website’s overall performance.

The top web design company will know that user experience (UX) is essential. As you make your list of questions to ask a web designer, take the time to ask about UX. What services do they offer that improve the customer’s experience?

For example, the web design company might specialize in minimalistic web design. They might also implement lead generation tactics throughout the site.

You can also ask about:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Website content writing
  • Social media marketing

A company that offers these additional services will help you develop a full marketing strategy based on your new website. Then, you can prioritize your website visitors and convert those visitors into paying customers.

6. Do You Offer Maintenance?

Websites need constant help year-round. You’ll need to freshen up your content, update plugins, and make sure everything is running smoothly. Otherwise, you could end up with a broken site.

While reviewing these questions to ask a web designer, make sure they offer ongoing maintenance. That way, you’ll have someone to call if something goes wrong.

Otherwise, you’ll have to jump from one designer to the next. Keeping someone on retainer can save you time and stress.

7. Can I See Your Portfolio?

Make sure to explore the company’s portfolio. Do you like their work? Are you seeing design elements you want to implement into your own website?

Studying the company’s portfolio will help you gain a better understanding of their talents. If it doesn’t feel like the right fit, keep looking.

8. How Many Revisions are Included?

What happens if you don’t like the first draft of the website? Ask the web design company if they allow you to make edits and revisions. Some companies will charge you by an hourly rate to make these changes.

Others will include at least one round of revisions in your original quote.

9. Can I See the Contract?

Make sure to review the company’s contract thoroughly. Request a copy and read the fine print.

Make sure to check where the contract mentions payments, deliverables, and refunds. What happens if problems pop up? If your company has a lawyer at hand, let them review the contract to make sure you’re protected.

10. How Do You Determine Pricing?

As you use these questions to ask a web designer, keep your budget in mind.

Then, ask how they determine pricing. Do they charge by the page? How much do they charge for their additional services?

The price can vary based on the company’s experience, location, and services. Make sure to get a few quotes before making your decision.

Finding the Best in the Biz: 10 Top Questions to Ask a Web Designer Before Hiring Them

Ready to find the best web design company in the business? With these top questions to ask a web designer, you can find peace of mind you’re making the right choice. Then, they’ll make a website that’s bound to benefit your business!

Ready to give your site the attention it needs? Contact us today to start your next project!

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