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Small Businesses are the backbone of America and they help keep the Texas spirit alive but did you know as many as 50% will close their doors forever after just 5 years, but we’re here to change that. We know how tough it is to be an entrepreneur today, that’s why we’re giving small business owners a great platform to share their story. You’ll here it all, the highs, and the lows,  the good and the bad… and everything in between. This is The Beef Podcast
The Beef Podcast - Platform for Small business owners to share Stories

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Tech and The Boomers with feat. Marc Joseph

  Each generation is raised in a vastly different context, and it’s important to acknowledge our differences and identify ways to ensure that everyone is …

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Faith in Podcast Networking with Spark Media feat. Misty & Peter

  One great, long-lasting positive impact of the global pandemic is the ever-increasing influence of podcasting in modern culture. Today on The Beef we are …

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Women in Business with HER Mindset Matters

Working endless hours can be demoralizing in any situation. But when you go from working for someone else, and feeling like a cog in a …

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Small Business Stories: The Beef Podcast Origins

Holy Cow! (See what I did there?) Join the Beefy Marketing team as we discuss our recent trip to Dallas, TX to attend the podcast …

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American Armor and “Black Sunday” with Tac 11 featuring Justin Bellamy

  One of the superpowers of small business owners is often the ability to bring skills and ideas from one area of their lives into …

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Bourbon Barrel Therapy with Cruise Customs Flags featuring Chris Cruise

  Welcome back to the Beef! Today’s guest has a great story, and a big impact to match. Joining us in conversation is Chris Cruise …

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