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Small Businesses are the backbone of America and they help keep the Texas spirit alive but did you know as many as 50% will close their doors forever after just 5 years, but we’re here to change that. We know how tough it is to be an entrepreneur today, that’s why we’re giving small business owners a great platform to share their story. You’ll here it all, the highs, and the lows,  the good and the bad… and everything in between. This is The Beef Podcast
The Beef Podcast - Platform for Small business owners to share Stories

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Ironclad Wellness – Jason Corthell

  Firefighters, like other emergency services professionals, continuously deal with minor and major stressors which often result in mental health issues. Today’s guest, Jason Corthell, …

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C Morris Investments – Curtis Morris

  Thanks for joining us for another episode of The Beef! Joining us in conversation today is Curtis Morris of C Morris Investments. Branding is …

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Inspiration Ranch – Ashley Perales

  Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Beef! During today’s episode, we speak with Ashley from Inspiration Ranch. Listeners will hear how …

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Tilted Concepts – Anthony Milton and Michael David

  Welcome to a brand new episode of the Beef! Here today to share their stories with us today are Anthony and Michael-David from Tilted …

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Beefy Marketing/OMG! Event Co. – Andrew Brockenbush and John Kelley

  We know how tough it can be to be an entrepreneur these days, so we have created a platform for you to share your …

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Chris AKA Goatman – Goattastic Skin

  In this episode of The Beef, John chats to Chris, AKA Goatman, about the amazing company and store he has set up, offering customers …

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