The Blueprint to Business Success with Hydroflask Founder Travis Rosbach


Welcome to the Beef! During today’s conversation, we have the honor of speaking with Travis Rosbach. Tune in to hear the story of how he built up a long list of qualifications and experiences before starting Hydro Flask, traveling the world, and starting Tumalo Group, where he introduces other entrepreneurs to the blueprint that led to his success. Find out what he learned from studying global brands and how he used that information to successfully start and sell Hydro Flask. Travis gets candid about the struggles of finding funding, and tells us why he believes that when you act boldly, unseen forces will come to your aid. We talk about the art of business, and hear a miraculous story of an investment that came when Travis needed it most, while he introduces us to the work he does at Tumalo Group to help others find success. Don’t miss this episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Icebreaker question: the biggest challenge you have faced.
  • John and Travis’s stories of loss that led him to live life to the fullest.
  • Travis’s long list of qualifications that are completely unrelated to what he does today.
  • His childhood in Salem and St Croix, before working on the Virgin Islands, working as a pilot, in screen printing, and finally starting Hydro Flask.
  • Experiences he had traveling the world before starting Tumalo.
  • His aim to educate other entrepreneurs on the blueprint he has found for success.
  • Principles he discovered while researching big brands.
  • How he has researched business since he was a child, leading to what he knows now.
  • The story of how his business grew to the extent that exceeded the funding he had.
  • Why business can be considered an art, tailored to suit every person.
  • The experience necessary to coach others through business.
  • His target client and why Travis is all about working with the correct fit.
  • The story of how he sold everything he had to start the business he has today.
  • The story of how an investor signed a check for a million dollars when he most needed it.
  • His belief in acting boldly before unseen forces come to your aid.
  • Partner relationships locally and in China in manufacturing, engineering, law, and marketing.
  • Travis’s experience as a commercial pilot and a marine boat captain.


“I’ve found that there very much is a blueprint for success and it’s kind of convoluted, hidden, kind of archaic. We live in a capitalistic society and the capitalists have a playbook and once you tap in and you figure out that playbook, it’s not easy, but it’s attainable to have a large well-known brand that they keep putting out.” — Travis Rosbach [0:08:30]

“There’s enough clients and enough marketing companies out there that you don’t have to sacrifice your integrity for anybody.” — Travis Rosbach [0:14:15]

“Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.” — Travis Rosbach [0:18:01]

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