Double Threat: Disrupting Healthcare & Education with Quikr & Experience Communities feat. Adam Bragg

Today on The Beef, we’re joined by entrepreneur, speaker, and former professional athlete, Adam Bragg. Adam co-founded not one, but two innovative startup companies that are disrupting the healthcare and education industries. In this episode, he shares the astute observations out of which Quickr and Experience Communities were conceived and the goals of each of these groundbreaking startups! We learn how Quickr is putting the power back into the hands of patients, connecting them with their health records, and ensuring personalized care, while Experience Communities aims to bring the physical infrastructure of on-campus learning to online learning. To be the first to hear about the future of both education and healthcare, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The importance of storyline in marketing.
  • Adam Bragg describes the functions of his startups, Quickr and Experience Communities.
  • The pros and cons of online learning.
  • The aim of Experience Communities to bring the physical infrastructure of on-campus learning to online learning.
  • Adam poses online learning as an entirely different medium.
  • How Adam and his co-founders identified the online learning system as a problem to solve.
  • The learning resources available outside of the college system.
  • Why college dropout rates are increasing.
  • The exorbitant cost of a college education.
  • The goal of Quickr to disrupt the healthcare system and connect people directly with their health records.
  • The benefits of Quickr, including the potential for personalized healthcare.
  • How to personally access and support Adam’s Quickr and Experience Communities.
  • The structure and engaging features of the Quickr app.
  • How Adam’s professional pole vaulting experience translates into his life as an entrepreneur.


“Online learning is the future, it makes learning accessible, but it’s not fun.” — Adam Bragg [0:06:46]

“Give it 10 years and there are going to be massive benefits that get showcased to being able to learn online. It’s a different medium.” — Adam Bragg [0:10:47]

“Fundamentally, your health story is your life story.” — Adam Bragg [0:21:57]

“The availability of health information, the transparency, all of that unlocks this next generation of care that is ultimately going to benefit the patient.” — Adam Bragg [0:28:55]

“We’re in a world now where personalization and feeling like your voice is heard is so important.” — Adam Bragg [0:32:15]

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