Beyond the Emergencies with Tomball Fire Department feat. Fire Chief Joe Sykora and Assistant Chief Jeff Cook


Today on The Beef, John’s got quite the job on his hands as his two bosses join him in the studio for a chat! Tomball Fire Department’s own Fire Chief Joe Sykora and Assistant Chief Jeff Cook hang out with John and tell all about what it’s like being some of Tomball’s respected first-responders. All three of these amazing fellas have lots of experience in this field and talk about the benefits of working for the fire department (aside from putting out fires!), the love that they all have for Tomball as a city, and the importance of enforcing the rules. They share a heart-to-heart about how working together so closely helps build that sense of camaraderie that’s less like working as friends, and more like working as family. For an amazing episode all about Tomball, first-responders, and everyone’s comfort TV shows, be sure to listen in!

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Our icebreaker question: What is everyone’s favorite TV show?
  • How John, Joe, and Jeff got into the firefighting profession.
  • Why John likes the personal feel that comes with working with the Tomball Fire Department, and how everyone knowing each other is a huge perk in small towns like Tomball.
  • How the Tomball Fire Department evolved from a volunteer fire department founded in 1934 to the incredible station that it is today.
  • The importance of rule enforcement in keeping people safe; explaining why the rules are necessary helps people understand their need.
  • How the fire department stayed afloat during COVID-19.
  • The meaning of “Hometown With A Heart”, and how the Tomball Fire Department exhibits that trademark southern hospitality.
  • Tomball Fire Department is hiring! Go to their website to find out benefits and licensing dates.
  • The feeling that sets Tomball apart from other cities: family.


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