Conversion Design Worksheet
Use this worksheet to plan your first sales funnel. 
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Blog Editorial Template
Use this free excel template to plan your weekly blog posts including topic, keywords, offers, and intended audience.
Free Analytics Tool – Hotjar
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Website Report Card
Get your website analyzed in minutes to get a free SEO Report Card on your websites performance.
Ultimate Website Checklist
Most Entrepreneurs Are Making These 5 Costly Mistakes With Their Websites
Free Sales Funnels
Use these free sales funnel templates to create your first sales funnel. 
Free Video eBook
Have you ever considered using video for your marketing? This eBook will show you how to create an interview that’s worth watching!
How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day
This free ebook will teach you to optimize your social media monitoring.
Target Market Discovery Tool
How Well Do you Know Your Perfect Customer? Use this free discovery activity to TRULY understand who your target market is. 
6 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Cares About
This free eBook will help you prove the ROI of your marketing efforts by presenting these six metrics. 
Funnel Scripts
Writing copy can really suck! Funnel Scripts will literally save you thousands of dollars on copywriting.