Using Targeted Podcasts for Traffic, Leads, and Enthusiastic Customers

In this episode of the Business Growth Hacks podcast, hosts John and Andrew welcome Tom Schwab, author, teacher, speaker, and CEO of Interview Valet. Tom shares insights into the power of being interviewed on targeted podcasts to drive more traffic, generate leads, and attract enthusiastic customers. The conversation explores Tom’s background, military experience, and the journey that led him to create Interview Valet.

Key Points:

Introduction of Tom Schwab:

   – Tom Schwab is introduced as an author, teacher, speaker, and CEO of Interview Valet.

   – The hosts express excitement about having Tom as a guest and highlight his role in their office with Interview Valet’s door hangers.

Benefits of Podcast Interviews:

   – Tom explains how being interviewed on targeted podcasts can significantly impact business growth by increasing traffic, generating leads, and attracting loyal customers.

   – The hosts share that Tom is a customer of BFE Marketing, adding an extra layer of enthusiasm for the conversation.

Tom’s Background and Naval Experience:

   – Tom shares his unconventional entry into the U.S. Naval Academy, despite having no depth perception.

   – He reflects on his five years as a nuclear power officer on the USS Abraham Lincoln and the valuable lessons he learned that apply to business.

Observations from Navy Life:

   – Tom emphasizes the idea that what may seem ordinary to someone can be extraordinary to others, drawing parallels between Navy experiences and business perspectives.

   – The hosts discuss the remarkable capabilities of young people, drawing inspiration from their experiences running nuclear power plants at a young age.

Transition to Entrepreneurship:

   – Tom narrates his transition from Navy life to corporate America and eventually to entrepreneurship.

   – He shares the pivotal moments that led to the creation and success of his first company, involving a shift to inbound marketing.

The Birth of Interview Valet:

   – Inspired by podcast interviews, Tom develops the concept of using them as a marketing strategy.

   – Despite initial skepticism, Tom beta-tests the idea, leading to the creation of Interview Valet in 2016, now serving around 200 clients with a team of 35 members.

Ultimate Hack for Business Growth:

   – Tom advocates for meaningful conversations as the ultimate hack for business growth.

   – He encourages business owners to share their expertise, success stories, and client testimonials, fostering connections that naturally lead to inquiries about their services.

Quotable Moments:

“What’s ordinary to you is amazing to others.” – Tom Schwab

“Have a conversation, a meaningful conversation, get out there, tell people what you do, how you can help them.” – Tom Schwab