Unlocking Your Websites Potential: Essential WordPress Hacks

In this episode of The Business Growth Hacks Podcast, the hosts are talking WordPress and website hacks to help businesses enhance their online presence. They discuss the versatility of WordPress with its extensive library of plugins, the benefits of starting on WordPress over other website builders, and introduce some valuable WordPress resources and plugins like Elementor, Undraw, UI Gradients, and Color Hunt. The episode concludes with practical advice on leveraging these tools to boost SEO and improve website functionality.

Key Points

WordPress Plugin Versatility:

WordPress offers over 54,000 free plugins, providing extensive functionality for almost any website need.

Comparison with Other Builders:

 While platforms like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly are good starters, WordPress offers superior long-term scalability and customization.

Essential Plugins and Resources:

  – Elementor: A drag-and-drop visual editor for easier page design and layout customization.

  – Undraw: Open-source illustrations for use in presentations and websites, optimized for small file sizes to maintain fast load times.

  – UI Gradients: A resource for generating CSS gradients to enhance website aesthetics.

  – Color Hunt:  A collection of handpicked color palettes to assist in creating cohesive and appealing designs.

SEO and Speed:

Fast-loading websites improve SEO and reduce bounce rates; tools like Undraw help by offering optimized images.

Business Growth Benefits:

Customizable websites with strong SEO can boost online reach, attract more customers, and grow site visitor numbers.

Quotable Moments

– “I would say if you can start on WordPress, start on WordPress, because it will give you the long term ability to scale that site to however big you want.” (00:02:12)

– “WordPress was built for an easy user experience. It’s organized, it’s intuitive, even if you’re unfamiliar with website management.” (00:02:31)

– “When you put animations and videos and photos on a website, sometimes if you’re not careful about how you compress them, they can really take the load time of the website and slow it down.” (00:05:18)