Tik-Tok Turbulence: How to Build Resilient Digital Prescence

The podcast episode we discuss the potential banning of TikTok and its implications for businesses and users. It explores the ownership of TikTok, security concerns, lobbying efforts, market shifts, and the importance of building one’s community beyond platform dependencies.

Key Points:

TikTok Ownership and Security Concerns:

– TikTok’s ownership by Byte Dance raises concerns about data security and potential weaponization.

– The podcast discusses how TikTok rolled out campaigns against potential bans, leading to widespread lobbying efforts.

Market Shifts and Community Building:

– The conversation shifts to market dynamics, with insights about younger users transitioning to Instagram.

– The importance of building and controlling one’s community is emphasized, highlighting the risks of platform dependency.

Building Your Online Presence:

– Recommendations include building email/SMS lists and self-hosted communities to maintain control and reliability.

– The podcast promotes Wingman as a comprehensive tool for marketing, sales, and community building.

Quotable Moments:

“It’s so important to control your own community. Regardless of bans or shutdowns, build your own space.”

“Your end goal is to have your website that people are going to go to. Social media is a starting point, especially when capital is limited.”