The Importance of Seeking Challenges for Personal Growth with Shawn Greenway

In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Shawn Greenway, the CEO of Form Wise, a pioneering Low-code no code platform. They discuss Shawn’s journey from working at UPS to becoming a professional wrestler and his transition into entrepreneurship. The hosts and Shawn also engage in a fun icebreaker game about common calls to action in marketing emails. A great conversation for agency owners to listen in on if they are looking for AI software solutions for their client network. 

Key Points:

  • Shawn’s diverse career journey, from UPS to professional wrestling to entrepreneurship.
  • The birth of Form Wise, a Low-code no code platform.
  • The hosts’ initial meeting with Shawn at the Sass Preneur event.
  • Shawn’s early entrepreneurial spirit, including selling blow pops in high school.
  • Shawn’s decision to pursue professional wrestling and the challenges he faced.
  • The importance of seeking challenges and personal growth.
  • The hosts and Shawn reminisce about their time at the event in Dallas.
  • Shawn’s upcoming plans for the grand finale in Tampa, Florida.
  • An increasing number of people are discovering and using Form Wise.
  • High-level affiliates have been instrumental in promoting Form Wise.
  • The community’s feedback, especially from the Beta group, has been valuable for Form Wise’s development.
  • CRM and marketing automation are essential for businesses to thrive in the future.
  • Use tools that can help recover leads that have gone unresponsive.
  • Shawn highlights the importance of collaboration and teamwork in achieving success.
  • The mindset of abundance is crucial, and collaborating with others can lead to quicker success.
  • Shawn encourages listeners to check out Form Wise’s seven-day free trial and join their Facebook Beta group.
  • The platform offers group demos and support calls, fostering a helpful and supportive community.
  • Shawn emphasizes the transformative power of CRM and marketing automation.
  • Collaboration can help businesses go far and achieve big financial success

Quotable Moments:

  • “I knew I had the entrepreneurial hustle because in high school, I used to go buy those boxes of blow pops and then go sell them for, you know, $0.50 apiece.” – Shawn Greenway

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