Strategic Planning and Systems for Scaling Online Business

In this episode of the Business Growth Hacks podcast we had an amazing conversation with  Crista Grasso, the go-to expert in strategic planning and systems for scaling online businesses.  Crista shares her journey from hand-making jewelry at her kitchen table to managing a large-scale operation, revealing the universal challenges businesses face when scaling. She emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between growth and scaling, and provided valuable insights into creating efficient systems, managing resources, and maintaining quality while expanding your reach. Tune in to discover practical tips to avoid burnout and achieve sustainable business growth.

Key Points:

– [00:00] Introduction to Crista Grasso, strategic planning and systems expert.

– [00:28]  Crista’s personal scaling journey from a small jewelry business to a large-scale operation.

– [01:45] The universal challenges of scaling across different business types.

– [02:41] The pitfalls of scaling without proper systems and support.

– [04:16] Transitioning from a worker role to a CEO role in your business.

– [04:38]  Crista explains the difference between growth and scaling.

– [06:49] Strategies for scaling efficiently and profitably.

– [09:10]  Crista’s parting advice for small business owners.

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