Space Matters: Breaking Open Interior Design Concepts with Carolyn Boldt

In this episode your hosts are joined by Carolyn Boldt, co-founder of Crossfields, an Atlanta-based design-build firm. The conversation is centered around the impact of physical spaces on business growth, productivity, and client perception.

Listen in as they share personal experiences, highlighting the importance of a well-organized and visually appealing environment. Carolyn emphasizes attention to small details, such as cable management and space consolidation, contributing to a positive impression. The discussion explores how common areas, including bookshelves and promotional items, enhance the overall aesthetics of a space.

Key Points:

Personal experiences highlight how clutter affects focus and productivity.

Small details, such as cable management, contribute to a positive impression.

Common areas, when organized properly, enhance overall aesthetics.

The impact of common areas, particularly lobbies, on creating a positive first impression is discussed.

Well-organized bookshelves and promotional items contribute to a positive perception.

A personal story illustrates the direct connection between office space, sales growth, and client retention.

The psychological impact of a well-designed space on client perception and credibility is emphasized.

Investing in and elevating physical space communicates credibility, value, and a commitment to quality.

A well-designed space can attract clients seeking a higher level of service.

Crossfield targets businesses and individuals ready to elevate their spaces for increased impact.

Carolyn provides a free five-point designer checklist to evaluate current office image—available on her website.

The hosts encourage listeners to share the episode and leave reviews to help grow the podcast.

Acknowledgment of Carolyn’s expertise and the quality of her work in the design and build industry.

Quotable Moments:

“Having a space that elevated our value and what we charged, it validated that, it offered credibility even beyond what we talked about ourselves and what our website said about us.”

“Investing in your space is investing in your brand. It’s investing in your credibility. It’s investing in your client’s confidence in you.”

“It helps my confidence. I want to sell. I want to bring people into my space.”

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