Setting Up Google Ads The Right Way with Expert Sharon Park

In this episode of the Business Growth Hacks podcast, we have an exceptional guest, Sharon Park, who founded Sage Digi to revolutionize businesses with transparency and technology. Sharon shares her unique journey from studying history to working at Google and ultimately becoming an expert in managing ad campaigns. The discussion touches on memorable advertisements and the essence of small businesses in the economy.


  • Sharon Park, the founder of Sage Digital, joins the podcast. Her mission is to provide technology advisory services for online advertising programs, with a focus on smaller businesses.
  • The episode begins with a discussion about memorable advertisements. Both the host and Sharon share their favorites, highlighting the power of emotional impact in advertising.
  • Sharon’s family background is steeped in entrepreneurship, with her mother running an infant daycare and her father owning a consulting company. This environment laid the foundation for her entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Sharon’s career at Google started in a rather unconventional way, answering an 866 hotline. Her journey from history studies to a tech giant showcases the diverse paths to success.
  • Working at Google was a unique opportunity to interact with incredibly talented individuals. Despite imposter syndrome, the experience was magical, surrounded by top-tier professionals.
  • Sharon emphasizes the vital role of small businesses in the economy, highlighting their dedication to creating jobs and providing economic value.
  • The episode gives a glimpse into Sharon’s transformative journey and her remarkable expertise in managing ad campaigns, including her time at Google.
  • Sharon’s passion for assisting entrepreneurs stems from her family’s small business background, making her uniquely suited to help small business owners with their advertising strategies.