Reimagining Authentic Content Creation for the Creative Entrepreneur with Andrew Ryder

Content creation is often seen as the pain point of managing a business’s social media: is it yours? In this episode, Andrew Ryder challenges all our preconceived ideas around successful social media content creation! We learn how the art of good content creation comes from creating a structure that is out of the ordinary, and is one that promotes the growth and nurturing of our ideas. Andrew guides us through a new approach that, despite making our traditional minds uneasy, throws away all content calendars, and templates for posts, and instead follows some seemingly successful guidelines. We also explore the forgotten art of storytelling and how creating inventorying habits is the key to making organic and authentic story-based content. Plus, you’ll hear how, when we let our inspiration become our foundation, we promote transparency in our content that is not forced or faked, but relatable and desirable to follow. Join us to explore recreating the molds that entrepreneurs must fit into, the paradox of attention, and a complete restructure of your ideas!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Kicking off the episode with a game of icebreakers.
  • Reflecting on methods, techniques, and flaws within the traditional content creating system. 
  • How to non-traditionally systematize managing content for multiple clients.
  • The importance of an open structure that prioritizes your ideas for the day.
  • The importance of authenticity, relevancy, and staying present on your social media.
  • Andrew’s suggestions on successful and organic content gathering. 
  • The processes and influences behind Andrew’s daily newsletter.
  • Daily content creation and content consumption to catalog thoughts and ideas. 
  • Looking at the ideas that came together to form Andrew’s new book. 
  • How to have a lesson within each story your share. 
  • Using a movie to understand the importance of motivation and inspiration. 
  • The paradox of attention.
  • How to be vulnerable and the importance of not taking yourself so seriously.
  • Exploring what Andrew describes as the brilliant clarity of his childhood dreams.
  • How to decide what is truly fulfilling in our lives. 
  • The power of consistency and creating habits.


“We have this tendency to seek out shiny objects and new tactics and the greatest new way of doing things or secrets, and all of this stuff that, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really make a big difference in your bottom line, in your business.” — Andrew Ryder [0:02:52]

“You ought to have more than enough to say. You ought to get passionate and emotional and really engaged with your audience.” — Andrew Ryder [0:09:09]

“Instead of trying to change the entrepreneur to fit in the mold, you need to change the mold or the system to fit the entrepreneur.” — Andrew Ryder [0:10:47]

“Relying on someone else’s content calendar, or the perfect ratio of this type of content to that type of content is where you get into a trap.” — Andrew Ryder [0:14:08

“Rigidity causes writer’s block.” — Andrew Ryder [0:14:38]

“Each piece of content is an idea. It is memorialized in time from when you had that idea, what you were thinking about, what you were learning about.” — Andrew Ryder [0:25:58] 

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