Maximizing Profits and Innovative Tax Strategies with Susanne Mariga

In this engaging podcast episode, the hosts welcome Susanne Mariga, a distinguished CPA and fractional CFO, specializing in high net worth strategies tailored for seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs through the profit-first system. Susanne sheds light on innovative tax strategies and the importance of shifting one’s mindset in the face of economic challenges.

You’ll gain a fresh perspective on handling economic challenges, the significance of a positive mindset, and the benefits of innovative tax strategies.This episode provides valuable insights for entrepreneurs to maximize profits and navigate complex financial landscapes.

Key Points:

  • Everyones desire is to save money on taxes 
  • Learning the importance of profitability and paying taxes.
  • The impact of having a large tax bill and the shift towards paying projected taxes.
  • Highlighting the tendency to overspend when business is doing well and the importance of financial preparation.
  • Experiences from working harder when the bank account is low and becoming complacent when there’s money in the bank.
  • Th challenges of a slow economy, expensive costs, high inflation, and soaring interest rates.
  • They emphasize the need to combat negative mindset and self-talk.
  • Encouraging businesses to engage in self-examination and identify areas for growth and cost reduction.
  • The hosts acknowledge the tendency to focus on losses more than gradual growth.
  • Opportunity Zones conversation that excites the hosts, prompting them to research further.
  • The value of selecting the right accountant or CPA to maximize profits is highlighted.
  • The importance of benchmarking for businesses growth.

Quotable Moments:

“We tend to focus on losses more than we focus on that gradual growth that we’ve had for the last decade.” – Andrew Brockenbush

“It’s always a good time to start. If you want to see improvements next year, then you have to start making improvements this year.”– Susanne Maria

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