How to Get the Most out of Your Content Creation Budget with Evergreen Assets

In this episode, the hosts tackle the challenges small businesses face in content marketing, shedding light on statistics and the common struggle of resource limitations. They share their strategy of repurposing content, specifically blog posts, into podcast episodes and emphasize the importance of evergreen content. The discussion extends to the short lifespan of social media posts and the low engagement and reach rates, urging businesses to repost content to overcome these challenges.

Key Points:

Content Marketing Statistics:

-The episode starts by highlighting the significant investment in content marketing, with 70% of marketers actively engaging in it and 70% of companies having 1 to 3 content marketing specialists.

Challenges for Small Businesses:

-Making  content marketing priority and the challenges faced by small businesses, especially those unable to afford multiple specialists. 

-They emphasize the need to grow into a position where such resources become feasible.

Content Revitalization:

-Repurposing existing content, specifically blog posts, into podcast episodes. 

-They emphasize the effectiveness of updating old content with the latest data, mentioning a HubSpot study that showed successful outcomes from revitalizing existing content.

Evergreen Content Strategy:

-The importance of creating content with an evergreen mindset is discussed. Evergreen content remains relevant over time, providing long-term value and extending the lifespan of content, ensuring it remains useful even years after creation.

Social Media Post Lifespan:

-The short lifespan of social media posts, particularly on platforms like Instagram, where the average post lifespan is only 48 hours. 

-They stress the need to revisit and repost content to maximize its exposure.

Engagement and Reach Rates:

-The episode provides insights into social media engagement rates, revealing that the average is less than 1%, and reach rates are around 15%.

– The hosts encourage businesses not to be discouraged by these numbers and to repost content to reach a broader audience.

Quotable Moments:

“If you’re going to spend money in that area, if you’re going to do it yourself, then you need to know that every hour spent, every thing that you write is going to get to the biggest reach it possibly can.” – Andrew @ 1:55

“You’ve spent a lot of time and energy and money on this one. Don’t be afraid to post that content. It is not redundant. Say it again for the people in the back. Somebody didn’t hear, somebody didn’t see it and not hear it.” – Andrew @ 8:10

“It is okay to share it again because it only reached those 15% likely anyway. Now you can dive into your own analytics and see what your average reach rates are, and it will probably vary. But in general, it’s a low number of people that are actually seeing your content.” – Andrew @ 8:27