Getting off the Entrepreneurial Hamster Wheel and Embracing New Mindset Changes with Andrea Freeman

Welcome to a new and exciting episode of the Business Growth Hacks podcast! Today, we are joined by entrepreneur, podcast host, event planner, reinvention ninja, and mindset-guru Andrea Freeman.

Andrea takes us on a tour of her past, telling us stories of her first business at 12 years old as a way to focus on her entrepreneurial background. We listen as she explains how she has been in many fields of work, yet she always found her way back to being a business owner. 

Later on, Andrea discusses all things mindset, emphasizing the limits we may put on its potential due to a simple bias of the word. She gives us techniques and methods that empower us to climb off the high-speed business hamster wheel and reset, recenter, and re-calibrate our mindsets. From meditation to just being present in nature, we are given tips and tricks on how to expand the awareness of our mind and create a mindful practice that helps us inspire action to claim our business power back.

Plus, we are lucky enough to understand how to acknowledge our authentic, true selves and create alignment within our business. If the words restore, rejuvenate, and restart appeal to you, tune in and listen to how to leverage your mindset to create a more joyous, calm, and present entrepreneurial life!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Kicking off the episode with an icebreaker: everyone’s morning drink of choice.
  • A look at Andrea’s career background and her self-made nickname, a “reinvention ninja”.
  • How transforming your mindset is the key to changing your life.
  • Looking at the entrepreneurship characteristics evident in Andrea’s childhood jobs. 
  • Leveraging mindset to have a meaningful impact on clients and customers.
  • The power of being able to outsource, delegate, and hand over control within your business. 
  • Andrea’s personal tips and tricks to start your journey of mindfulness and meditation. 
  • Exploring transcendental meditation towards a more calm, joyous, and present life.
  • Personal evolution as fuel for business revolution: focusing on our thoughts. 
  • HOST: the ways and processes of being in your life and business.
  • The hosting program Andrea curated for business entrepreneurs.
  • How to be honest with yourself and your needs as an entrepreneur running a business. 
  • Receiving as the key to an abundant mindset.
  • Acknowledging and exploring new strategies and techniques to improve our mindsets. 
  • What to focus on to make a lasting and meaningful impact in your business.


“I think, the more joy we have in the things we do, the more freedom and more self-expression we have, the greater our quality of life.” — Andrea Freeman [0:05:51]

“The truth is your business doesn’t only need you. Your business needs so much nurturing.” — Andrea Freeman [0:13:27]

“At a certain point in time, tending to who you’re being, which meanings offloading your stress levels so that you can be the more joyous, calm, present, peace of mind human being that you’re really here to be, that’s what’s going to serve you.” — Andrea Freeman [0:18:18]

“The thoughts that we are thinking are ultimately what causes us to take action.” — Andrea Freeman [0:20:54]

“When you are aware of the thought thinker, and you’re tending to that part of yourself, that’s when you get to influence the thoughts that you’re having.” — Andrea Freeman [0:21:57]

“Anything that you have to do to get those negative beliefs, those self-doubts out of the way, to be able to really, truly own who you are is going to move you forward.” — Andrea Freeman [0:40:55]

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