From Websites to Content: Modern Marketing Techniques That Scale Small Businesses

In this episode of the Business Growth Hacks podcast, we sit down with Drew Donaldson, founder of Gro-Haus, a company that helps small business owners thrive in the digital world. Drew shares his journey as an entrepreneur and provides valuable insights into the importance of owning your website and the power of content creation. He emphasizes the need for businesses to adapt to modern marketing strategies, from building a strong online presence to utilizing both hard and soft data for informed decision-making.

We also discuss practical tools and techniques, such as the use of Loom for video communication and the five whys technique for uncovering root issues in business strategy. Throughout the conversation, we explore how small business owners can leverage digital marketing to achieve significant growth, illustrated by real-life success stories and actionable advice.

Key Points:

– [00:00] Introduction and welcome to Drew Donaldson of Gro-Haus.

– [00:20] Drew shares his background and the importance of owning your website.

– [01:08] The power of content creation and organic traffic.

– [03:00] The significance of market research and both hard and soft data.

– [05:13] How real-life success stories can drive marketing strategies.

– [07:02] Using the five whys technique to uncover deeper business issues.

– [07:54] Tools like Loom and Hippo Video for effective communication.

– [09:05] Wrap-up and how to connect with Drew and Gro-Haus.

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