Empowering Business Leaders With Darren Tessitore, CEO of Thrive Management

In this engaging episode, we have Darren Tessitore, the owner and CEO of Thrive Management, sharing insights on review management strategies and local business success. He emphasizes the importance of aligning business objectives and understanding the true value of online reviews. 

Darren explains that reviews should be treated as a necessity, not an afterthought, and demonstrates the impact of reviews on attracting local customers. He emphasizes that a clear review management strategy, along with an optimized Google Business Profile, can significantly boost traffic and revenue for businesses. Darren also discusses the need for compensating staff based on business growth and fostering a team environment focused on achieving common goals.

Key Points:

  • The importance of aligning business objectives and having a clear review management strategy.
  • Understanding the true value of online reviews and treating them as a necessity, not just a nice-to-have.
  • The impact of reviews on attracting local customers and boosting business revenue.
  • The significance of optimizing Google Business Profiles to attract more local traffic.
  • Implementing a bonus structure for staff based on business growth and success.
  • Fostering a team environment where everyone is aligned and motivated to achieve common goals.

Quotable Moments:

“You spend so much money on this, and you’ve monetized your YouTube channel. You could monetize your YouTube channel… but don’t think that’s what’s going to get people in your door.” – (00:38:45:09)

“The key is just knowing what your goals and objectives are and what is it that you want to achieve. What are you shooting for? If you don’t have that clearly defined, then stop spending any money on anything. What are you doing, man?” – (00:39:18:20)

“You need to have a strategy within your company where everybody in your team or organization is on board and understands the complete value of getting reviews. It has to be a core component to your business.” – (00:46:15:07)

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