Empowered By Fractional Talent with Geeks and Experts Co Founder Sneha Saigal

In this episode of the Business Growth Hacks podcast, your host host Andrew Brooke and co host John Fritzsching explore the secrets of small business success with their guest, Sneha Saigal. Sneha has an MBA focused on entrepreneurship from IESE Business School in Barcelona, shares her journey from consulting to co-founding Geeks and Experts, focusing on marketing and business development. The conversation touches on her diverse experiences, including working with social impact enterprises and prison programs.

Key Points:

  • Sneha’s background includes experiences in consulting, and nonprofits before co-founding Geeks and Experts.
  • Discussing commitment to social impact initiatives, such as liberal arts programs and social impact enterprises.
  • The role of businesses, especially small ones, in contributing to positive social changes.
  • The trending topic of fractional talent and its value for businesses.
  • Fractional talent is compared to a timeshare, emphasizing the accessibility of expertise without the full cost of hiring.
  • The distinction between fractional talent and freelancers, emphasizing that fractional talent is not just spare-time freelancers.
  • The importance of maintaining the human component in PR, stating that authenticity is crucial for success.
  • The human touch is deemed irreplaceable, and Sneha warns against relying solely on A.I. for communication efforts.
  • A.I.-generated pitches are noted to lack authenticity, and the human touch remains a key factor in successful PR strategies. 
  • A.I. is seen as a powerful tool when used properly, and the quality of output is emphasized, especially when combined with human input.
  • The hosts stress the importance of creating well-crafted prompts for A.I. to generate more effective and personalized results.
  • The hosts discuss the need for business owners to adapt and continuously learn in the ever-evolving business landscape.
  • The growth hack shared by Sneha is the use of “Haro” (Help a Reporter Out), a platform connecting journalists with sources for news stories.

Quotable Moments:

“Every day is a good day around here.”

“People buy from people, not businesses.”

“Knowing when you need that talent is really valuable.”

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