Behavioral Science, Sales, and Removing Your Commission Breath with Jeremy Miner

Welcome to a new and exciting episode of the Business Growth Hacks podcast! Today, we welcome entrepreneur, podcast host, business owner, author, and newbie Instagram celebrity, Jeremy Miner. We dive right in and Jeremy takes our old ideas around growing our career in sales, which we assume needs massive and constant mindset changes and meditative practices, and challenges them with what, according to him, are the actual keys to success. From the right questions to ask, the correct tonality that triggers curiosity, and all things in between, we start to understand why Jeremy is considered a behavioral science and sales guru to many! 

Jeremy engages us in topics such as his NEQP model, how to navigate our new information age and the importance of removing our commission breath. Plus, we are lucky enough to get a guide on how to facilitate successful sales conversations. Jeremy explains the power of picking up queues, understanding human behavior, the way our brain reacts, and the value of conversations that are quality over quantity. From recording successful Instagram reels to dismantling old, outdated myths, Jeremy teaches us the power of persuasion, influence, and moving others. We hope you’ll join us!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Kicking off the episode with an icebreaker: Jeremy’s favorite marketing/sales book.
  • A quick look at a high and lows of Jeremy’s past week.
  • How Jeremy has successfully created his presence on Instagram. 
  • Jeremy’s assumption as to why salespeople are not investing in their own education. 
  • The incorrect myths around how to be successful in sales.
  • Who needs the skills and abilities to sell, and why them?
  • How Jeremy got started in sales, emphasizing his move out of retirement.
  • The biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs, salespeople, and business-owners are making. 
  • How to facilitate an engaging, successful sales conversation. 
  • The NEPQ method: neuro, emotional, persuasion, question. 
  • Understanding how to use the different forms and modes of communication. 
  • Jeremy gives advice on the common ‘where to from here?’ question. 
  • Jeremy gives his thoughts on closing (sales).
  • How to change our training and methods behind our marketing within the sales divisions.
  • How companies should change their processes to see better sales results in the future.
  • The potential sales trends are exciting to Jeremy. 


“Salespeople don’t look at their career as something long-term.” — @jeremyleeminer1 [0:09:18]

“When you learn the right skills, that gives you confidence because it actually works, you actually make sales.” — @jeremyleeminer1 [0:11:14]

“Everybody on planet earth is in sales at this point.” — @jeremyleeminer1 [0:11:54]

“You have to get rid of your commission breath.” — @jeremyleeminer1 [0:16:22]

“Most of your prospects — when you first start talking to them, don’t even realize they have a problem.” — @jeremyleeminer1 [0:32:20]

“Companies are their salespeople. If there are no sales, there are no companies.” — @jeremyleeminer1 [0:39:15]

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